aaw capri lightning

11/6/2017 · 自 iPhone 7/7 Plus 刪減了 3.5mm 插口後,一眾耳機可謂即時廢了武功,雖說可用返原廠跟機送的 Lightning 轉駁線繼續用返舊耳機,但試過就知道音質會大打折扣。其實市面都有不少 Lightning 耳機線可供選擇,早前試過 Shure RMCE-LTG,今次介紹另一款 AAW Capri,獲得 Apple MFi 認證,支援 iPhone 操作及通話功能。

Capri is connected to iPhone 7/7 Plus via the Lightning connector and has retrospective compatibility up to iOS 7.2 and above. Note: if you wish to have terminations other than 2Pin/MMCX, contact us for details. Capri cable prototype matched with AAW’s

World’s 1st audiophile Lightning earphone with balanced DAC&detachable cable, Type-C also available Ready in stock. Shipment in 2 working days. [powr-tabs id=a7a809ea

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